Apple discontinues Beats Pill+


Apple has discontinued the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker; the device is nowhere to be found on Beats’ site either anymore.

The fact that the Beats Pill+ has disappeared from both Apple and Beats indicates that it is over and out for the speaker. That leaves only one specific speaker of Apple’s own, in the form of the HomePod Mini. While there is, of course, always a good chance that the Pill+ will get a successor, that may be illogical. Beats itself focuses primarily on in-ears and over-ears these days. For a while that seemed to change when immediately after the acquisition of Beats by Apple in 2014 that Pill+ appeared. But no successor to that has ever appeared and the whole category of Bluetooth-speakers seems to have a low priority.


Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple (and Beats) are not so much concerned (anymore) with Bluetooth speakers. This market is extremely saturated after all and even a good Bluetooth speaker doesn’t break the bank anymore. Headphones and in-ears, however, are hotter than ever. And the differences in quality of those are still very noticeable, especially in the middle and upper price range. In short: whether there will ever be a ‘real’ successor to the Pill+…?

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