Apple iPhone SE, the rumors grow


The rumors surrounding the arrival of a brand new Apple iPhone SE are increasing, and some specs are already “leaking” here and there.

We wrote earlier that this year is a logical year for a new iPhone SE from Apple. Meanwhile, various ‘insiders’ believe they know what the device, which they believe will be released in March or April, will contain. 5G is – of course – mentioned as a feature. Just like a faster SoC (system on a chip) compared to the previous SE (see image above). Additional advantage of the SE is, that it is just a bit more compact in terms of dimensions, based on the appearance of the iPhone 8. Furthermore, possibly new cameras or more memory are mentioned as options.

iPhone without fuss

Of course it is and remains all a guessing game. What matters is that the Apple iPhone SE is sold for about half the price of its “regular” iPhone cousins. And that without significantly sacrificing speed and features. You only miss things like a glass back, three or more cameras and things like that. If you are looking for a stable, fast and affordable smartphone running iOS, then the SE is a great choice. The cadence of a new version every two years also fits in well with the renewal schedule that most mobile providers offer. But you are certainly not obliged to replace the SE at the same frequency; experience shows that Apple continues to support their devices with updates for many years to come. The advantage of iOS over Android is that there are many high-quality audio and music apps available for it.

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