Apple: shiploads of new products on the way?


It looks like Apple is going to be big on releasing new products this year, even more than ever in the company’s history, according to experts.

Are you planning to purchase something from Apple? Think of a new macBook, iMac, iPhone or whatever. Then it might be wise to wait a while for the company’s product presentations. The first one is most likely already scheduled for this spring – March or April – just like every year. Chances are that during that event the latest version of the iPhone SE will be presented. It’s the more affordable iPhone that still has the vast majority of features of its larger brothers on board. But there’s much more to expect, according to 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman, who works for Bloomberg.

Opt for Apple’s own processor

There is a good chance that this year Apple will present its largest pile of updated and new products in its history. Virtually the entire iMac and macBook line will probably be refreshed, while new iPhones, iPads and much more are also on the horizon. This is not entirely illogical, by the way, as Apple has promised to complete the transition to its homegrown CPU – the first generation of which is now in circulation. Intel outside, Apple inside, so to speak. So, in addition to the introduction of new products, we will most likely be witnessing the final closing of an era, and the beginning of a new one. If you are planning to buy or replace a Mac, check whether it contains at least an M1 variant – Apple’s own CPU/GPU SoC. Then you can be sure that your system will be supported for many years to come. Or wait – if possible – until the end of the year, when a new version of Apple’s silicon may already be incorporated into equally new systems by then.

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