Audience forte f5 power cord


Audience’s new forte f5 power cord is portrayed by the manufacturer as a “true high-end” power cord, intended for equally high-end audio components.

Six conductors are used in the Audience forte f5, the geometry of it all should ensure excellent EMI and RFI noise suppression. The conductors themselves are made of very pure 10 AWG braided copper. Furthermore, XLPE is used as a dielectric material. Finally, Audience treats the cables cryogenically, according to a patented process. This should lead to even better conductivity and ‘shape retention’ of the AC voltage from the grid.

Directly audible

Director of Audience John McDonald reports that the forte f5 is an ideal upgrade for high-end audio and home entertainment systems. He says the cable is designed with things like excellent resolution and transient response in mind. The difference between a standard cord and this power cord should be immediately and clearly audible, according to the manufacturer. Prices go – equipped with a European or UK power plug – from $649 for 1.5 meters. Other lengths and configurations are of course possible.

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