AVM presents new all-in-ones


Germany’s AVM presents the Evolution CS 3.3 and CS 5.3 all-in-ones, in other words: connect some speakers and start listening.

Both the AVM Evolution CS 3.3 and CS 5.3 feature a CD player, while at the same time more than enough connections for digital and analog sources are available. Vinyl enthusiasts can bring their record player to life thanks to a calibrated phono preamp. The output power of both all-in-ones goes up to 2 x 350 watts.

With or without tubes

Contrary to what the type names (might) suggest, the amplifiers are stereo in both cases. The difference is that the CS 3.3 is fully transistorized, while the CS 5.3 is equipped with a tube-based preamp. The AVM CS 3.3 costs €7490 and the CS 5.3 €8990. Choose from a silver or black finish, or go for a special Cellini finish at an additional cost. Available from March this year. At the time of writing, the manufacturer’s website had no information available about the newcomers, unfortunately.

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