Cheaper Google Chromecast on the way?


According to rumors, Google is working on a cheaper 1080p version of the Chromecast with Google TV to keep up with the competition.

What Hi-Fi reports that Google is working on a 1080p version of the Chromecast with TV, according to sources. This one should be a lot cheaper than the existing Chromecast with TV. However, the as yet unconfirmed newcomer should run on the same Google TV operating system. The current model can handle resolutions up to 4K, the cheaper version that may be in the works goes up to Full HD. And that, in turn, fits perfectly with a Full HD TV that you may already have.


The new Chromecast with TV should be between $10 and $20 dollars cheaper than the (also not very expensive) 4K version. The device should have 2GB RAM and be able to handle 60 frames per second.

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