Classic Audio Spartan 10

Classic Audio

The Classic Audio Spartan 10 is a low frequency crossfeed MM phono preamplifier, equipped with low frequency noise reduction.

Do you have an MM cartridge in use, then it is important to find a suitable and good quality phono preamplifier. Consider something like for example the new Spartan 10 from British Classic Audio. According to the manufacturer, this device has an extremely accurate RIAA correction filter. But then – nice touch – without the often associated high price tag. The amplification is distributed over two stages, which should lead to a much higher degree of linearity compared to single-stage amplifiers.

External linear power supply

A completely new designed crossfeed system for low frequencies should ensure – when enabled – less LF noise. Furthermore, a linear external power supply is used. That should lead to no annoying built-in transformer and associated equally annoying magnetic stray fields in the sensitive interior of the amplifier case. The price is reasonable: £380. For the time being, the Classic Audio phono preamplifier is only available in the UK. The first series is already sold out. Not surprising, because the runs are limited. The next batch of 45 pieces is planned for this month though!

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