Cyrus Audio compatible with BluOS

Cyrus Audio

British Cyrus Audio has announced that future devices from this brand will be compatible with BluOS devices.

The nice thing about BluOS is that it’s a brand-independent system aimed at streaming, multiroom and more. In short: if you as a manufacturer conform – after entering into an agreement – to BluOS, then your equipment suddenly becomes a lot more versatile. And therefore probably more attractive to potential customers. The people behind BluOS have been working hard for years and their system is slowly becoming a kind of standard. Apparently Cyrus Audio is also happy to join the club now. However, for this brand it only applies to new and as yet unnamed equipment that will be BluOS-compatible. So if you already have something from Cyrus Audio, then – as far as is known – there will be no update.

Better audio

BluOS is a system intended for the “better audio devices”; developers of the platform do not give licenses to just anyone. So the fact that Cyrus Audio is allowed to participate is a nice thumbs up to them.

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