D&D Audio on the new Astell&Kern


Importer D&D Audio puts the new Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000 firmly in the spotlight in its latest newsletter.

D&D Audio finds the new Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000 ‘a striking appearance, we can say that for sure. Is it a typical portable music from the A&ultima line of the brand, but then plugged into a docking station like those introduced by the dozens when the first iPod just came on the market? Is it an office item for your desk? Or perhaps an innovative portable projector?’

Headphone amplifier and streamer

The importer continues: ‘Following buzz from the A&ultima series in 2021, Astell&Kern kicked off the new year with an introduction to the ACRO line. The ACRO CA1000 is a headphone amplifier and streamer. Basically very similar to the brand’s well-known music players (at least in size), but really meant for stationary use. Just about any headphone can be connected to the CA1000 and thanks to the built-in streamer (with 256 GB storage) you also have access to your own music library and everything the world wide web has to offer.

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