Fyne Audio F500SP bookshelf speakers

Fyne Audio

The brand new Fyne Audio F500SP bookshelf speakers feature a coaxial driver and are an extension of the standard 500 series.

The SP suffix of the Fyne Audio F500SP indicates that it is the upgraded version of the manufacturer’s existing 500 series. You’ll find several features from the F700 in it, including driver, enclosure and – so the manufacturer promises – even the frequency range. As for the drivers, we’re talking specifically about the IsoFlare combo driver with tweeter. A cone-shaped radiator – named BasTrax by Fyne Audio – should guarantee an evenly distributed low frequency spectrum across the listening room. At the same time, this technique makes the placement of the boxes non-critical. So put them down and enjoy!

Van den Hul cabling

The internal cabling in the Fyne Audio F500SP consists of silver-plated Van den Hul cords, all hand-soldered. Choose from a variety of finishes, while an extensive arsenal of accessories is available too. For a white or black version, you’ll pay €1599; the walnut veneer variant has a price tag of €1849.

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