Intel CPUs no longer support UHD Blu-ray


Intel has ended support of UHD Blu-ray in its CPUs. The affected processors are member of the newer generations.

Intel announces that UHD Blu-ray is no longer supported. The security system SGX (Software Guard Extension) contains several security holes. Apparently it is not possible for Intel to repair the leaks, possibly being a hardware problem. If you have a CPU from the Intel 7000, 8000, 9000 or 10000 generation, SGX may already have been disabled or it may be removed with an upcoming update of your operating system. If you insist on continuing to use the possibility of viewing 4K Blue-rays on your system, then it is important to look very critically at upcoming updates. And check immediately after updating whether playback still works. If not, downgrading is an option. Unfortunately in that case you will miss all kinds of other necessary patches, after all – under Windows – it’s all or nothing.

1080p not affected

The limitation does not apply to regular 1080p Blu-ray’s. So if you have a Blu-ray player in your system, then not all hope for retro entertainment is lost.

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