JBL Bluetooth speakers with light show


The new 360-degree and equipped with a light show JBL 5 has been released in a updated version. There’s also the updated BoomBox 3.

Both of JBL’s newcomers have received a new design, and both also feature JBL’s Original Pro Sound. Together that makes for a refreshing experience, both visually and sound-wise. And to stay with the optical aspect for a moment: the new Pulse 5 radiates 360-degree surround sound, assisted by an appropriate light show. Great for parties or anywhere else. The JBL BoomBox 3 features a three-way speaker system and a great long play time of 24 hours on a full battery charge.


The JBL Pulse 5 plays for 12 hours on a full battery charge, and that’s really nothing to complain about either. New for this version is the IP67 water resistance. So a good splash of water won’t harm it at all! Via the PartyBoost option, an unlimited number of other PartyBoost-equipped JBL speakers can be linked. Theoretically, with a little planning (and fantasy…) you can fill a whole stadium with sound. The JBL Pulse 5 sells for €249; the BoomBox 3 costs €549.

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