Live Review interlinks – 250 – 350 Euro – 30 January 2022 – 10:30

Do cables have an audible influence on the reproduction? If so, how much? If not… then we’re going to hear about it this Sunday. We’re going to connect five pairs of cables for you and let you hear them. Live. All cables are in the price range around 250 – 350 euros per stereo pair, per meter. In short: a still affordable price class.

We asked all the interesting cable manufacturers. Think Chord Company, Art Speak, Inakustik, Qed, Van den Hul, Simpy Audio, Supra, … Ricable. We have confirmation from Chord Company, Ricable, Van den Hul, Supra and Art Speak. In short: it will be an interesting stream!

Check the live stream interlinks


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