Monster Blaster 3.0 Boombox


Monster wants to revive old times with the Blaster 3.0 Boombox. In other words: put it on your shoulder, hit the streets and relive the eighties.

In the 1980s, ghetto blasters experienced their heyday. They were especially popular in the hip-hop scene. At the time, the scene was mainly in the poorer parts of cities – in some cases actual ghettos – hence the name. The devices were especially large, with lots of flashing lights and disproportionate power. In short: you really made a statement with one of these things. Whether that will work with the new Monster Blaster 3.0 Boombox we dare to doubt. Oh sure: the device looks sleek, modern and definitely beautiful. But there is no excess of flashing lights, useless VU meters, whining cassette decks and weight like a block of lead. You simply use your cell phone to control the speaker via Bluetooth. In total, the Monster Blaster 3.0 Boombox delivers a maximum power of 120 Watts (distributed over 4 x 15 Watt drivers plus a 60 Watt sub).

Comfortable playing time

In short: this Monster definitely delivers more than enough sound pressure to blow away the retro-blasters of yesteryear. Also, the sound quality will in most cases be without doubt much better. Another practical aspect is that you do not have to carry along a backpack full of spare D-cells. The rechargeable battery of the Blaster 3.0 provides up to 12 hours of playing time when fully charged. The IPX4 water resistance is also an improvement on the devices of the eighties. It means you can use the speaker at a pool party or outside in the drizzle. Preset equalizer settings allow you to easily select the right “sound” for your listening environment. The Blaster 3.0 costs $399.

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