Nokia launches series of entry-level QLED televisions


Nokia has partnered with Austria’s Streamview to jointly produce a series of entry-level QLED TVs.

The new tellies from Nokia (and thus Streamview too) will appear in screen sizes from 43 to 70 inches. To be honest, the name QLED TVs as used by Nokia is somewhat “misleading”. In fact, they use a traditional LCD panel as the basis. The promised QLEDs are available in a film layer that is intended to increase brightness. So they are there, but in a somewhat different role than expected. By the way, there is nothing new under the sun regarding this trick, because Samsung and TLC do the same.


Nokia’s newcomers are also smart, thanks to Android TV. Prices start at €650 for a 43-inch version and end at the 70-inch top model with a price tag of €1600. The devices are available from this website.

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