Noveto N1: virtual headphones


In fact, the Noveto N1, which once started as a Kickstarter, is a set of headphones that you don’t wear on your head. That, of course, requires further explanation.

The Noveto N1 is presented as a smart device with support for assistant Alexa. What makes the device really special is the patented beamforming-technology. This should create a binaural sound, but without the need to put on headphones. The manufacturer says it transports the sound via ultrasound to the listener. That produces an inaudible signal until it lands close to your ear. There the high frequency sound is converted back to the normal audio range. So you don’t bother others with your loud metal listening session, it seems. According to Noveto, the environment hears only very soft and barely audible music, while you are completely immersed in 3D spatial sound. Others, just a meter away from you as a listener, hear only 10 percent of the volume you are listening to (or 20 dB less).

‘Will change life and work’

In order to actually monitor the listener properly, facial recognition and motion sensors are used. A hefty dose of artificial intelligence ensures the correct ‘firing’ of the sound. The CEO of Noveto, Christophe Rammstein previously vice president for Logitech, says that the N1 is a unique device that will drastically change the way we work and live. For example, the N1 is also capable of making private calls, but truly hands-free. In terms of connectivity, the N1 features Bluetooth, Wifi, AirPlay, USB-C and the classic 3.5mm jack. The price is currently unknown, but the process of mass production is about to begin. The device should be available from the end of March this year.

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