QED Connect: nice price cables


The British QED wants to prove with its new Connect series that a good quality cable doesn’t to cost a fortune.

Cabling is an important and quality defining part of a hi-fi installation. And even more so when it comes to a high-end setup. The problem is that those cables can be quite expensive. For anyone who has a problem with that but also doesn’t want to compromise with low quality cables, QED has released the Connect series cables. Each of them in it has a nice price tag, but at the same time they should be of good quality according to the manufacturer. Every cable is (if needed) equipped with 24K gold plated plugs, while the conductors are made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper for optimal conductivity.

Truly affordable

You can choose from different lengths for each cable in the QED Connect series. Indeed, if we take a look at the prices, it is not immediately necessary to bust your piggy bank. For example, a cinch stereo interconnect of 0.75 meters costs only €12.95 and a one and a half meter long HDMI 2.0 goes for only €18.95. The new series will be available throughout Europe from the end of this month.

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