SOtM mainboard especially for audio applications


The SOtM sMB-Q370 is a motherboard specifically designed for audio applications, so the manufacturer promises. Great care has been taken everywhere to avoid noise and other disturbances.

The average mainboard in the equally average computer is not specifically designed for audio applications. And this can lead to annoying disturbances in the form of, for example, (HF) noise and other annoying and audible stuff. SOtM has therefore designed a motherboard especially for audio, in the form of the sMB-Q370. The approach has been – naturally – to minimize noise and interference wherever possible. Mutual influences that individual components have on each other were taken into account. The board is aimed at audiophiles who want to build their own computer specifically for audio applications. Of course, the power supply must also be given serious consideration. If you opt for a standard PC power supply then you still introduce a lot of ‘junk’ in terms of unwanted noise.

Combining with linear power supply

Combining the SOtM motherboard with, for example, the Optimo S linear ATX power supply from JTAC is an obvious choice. A setup with this external power supply is likely to create a solid system that for sure exceeds the level of a standard motherboard. It won’t be a cheap affair then, as the SOtM sMB-Q370 motherboard retails for $550 ($1300 including sCLK-EX og $1450 for a version with sCLK-EX and master clock inputs for the purists). Add to that the price of €4500 for the aforementioned linear power supply, SSDs plus a good case and you’ll understand that for some of the audio enthusiasts this might be a bit of a swallow.

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