This year’s Sharp 4K TVs come with DTS:X


The new European Sharp 4K televisions coming out this year will have support for DTS:X “immersive” sound onboard, perfect for movies and the like.

DTS:X will be available for the Sharp 70DN5EA (pictured above) and the EQ series of televisions from this brand. Good to know: DTS:X achieves more or less the same effect as Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, the technique is backwards-compatible with other (earlier) DTS versions. For example, DTS-HD Master Audio as found on Blu-Ray discs as well as DTS Digital Surround.


Nice detail: DTS:X is compatible with the IMAX Enhanced program offerings, as recently launched on Disney+. There, Marvel offers a series of movies ready to watch, that will then make the most of the sound capabilities of your new Sharp TV.

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