Vertere presents VeRum Interconnect Cable


Vertere Acoustics has added the new VeRum Interconnect Cable (and more flavors) to its line of cabling.

The Vertere Acoustics VeRum replaces the Pulse R. Furthermore, the newcomer can be placed between the Pulse HB and RedLine. The cable is manufactured in Europe, on very precise machines. The cables are based on very pure copper conductors, largely silver plated. Furthermore, different cable thicknesses are used to keep it all as flexible as possible. Thus, the phono cartridge cable is significantly thinner than, for example, the RCA interconnect for line signals.


You will find several variants of the VeRum in Vertere Acoustics’ product range. There is the Interconnect, Solo Interconnect and Solo Tonearm Cable. An RCA/XLR interconnect will cost you €2348 for 1.5 meters. For the VeRum solo – DIN to RCA tonearm cable or the RCA/XLR cable you will pay €3198.

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