Apple Classical on the way?


It’s possible there will be a separate Apple Classical app in addition to the already familiar Music app. At least that’s what can be tentatively deduced from code discovered by 9to5Google.

9to5Google discovered an interesting reference to Apple Classic in the most recent beta version of Apple Music. For now, there is no separate app for classical music. But it wouldn’t be entirely weird if the manufacturer of iPhones, iPads and Macs, among others, were thinking in that direction. Last year the company bought Primephonic, which was the streaming service for classical music. What set Primephonic apart from the rest were the extensive search options needed to find specific performances of a classical work. For now, those options are not found in the standard Music app. And are perhaps also a bit too much for this app. Moreover, hardcore classical music lovers are usually not interested in “polluting” pop tracks and only want to find classical music. In short: wait and see what happens, but don’t be surprised if an extra music app suddenly appears for the Apple ecosystem!

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