Ben & Jerry’s podcast “Into the Mix”

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s – the well-known ice cream manufacturer – is launching a podcast with which it hopes to inspire activists and artists worldwide.

Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream company known – according to itself – for its activist nature, is today premiering its latest project: a podcast to inspire a new generation of activists and artists around the world. The podcast series, called Into the Mix: A Ben & Jerry’s Podcast About Joy & Justice, is hosted by New York Times best selling author Ashley C. Ford. Joining the podcast are prominent cultural guests who talk about how they use their fame to bring about social change in society.

John Legend

In the first episode, singer John Legend talks about racism in the criminal justice system, the importance of voting rights, his history of social activism, and his current efforts to combat structural racism at the local level. On the relationship between artists and activists, John Legend says, “Artists have to be part of the imagination of the future; they have to imagine a better world and make art that lets people see that

Intersection of activism, art and culture

‘Successful movements for social change have never been just about good ideas and good policy,’ says Chris Miller, Global Head of Activism Strategy at Ben & Jerry’s. ‘Historically – from the abolitionist movement to the modern civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement and Occupy Wall Street – music and art were woven into the fabric of these efforts. This podcast celebrates the intersection of activism, art and culture, which can be described as the joy on the long journey to justice.’


Into the Mix follows the success of Ben & Jerry’s first stand-alone podcast, a six-part series titled Who We Are: a story of racism in America, presented by Jeffrey Robinson. Who We Are showed the hidden ways in which legal discrimination and state-sanctioned brutality continue to impact Black Americans. The show earned a spot on Apple’s top 100 list of podcasts and top 10 history podcast list.

Into the Mix is available to stream for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Future guests include environmentalist Bill McKibben and singer-poet activist Patti Smith.

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