Disney Plus grows at lightning speed

Disney Plus

Disney Plus now has nearly 130 million subscribers, which they have collected in just over a year.

Netflix undoubtedly feels the hot breath of giant Disney Plus on its neck. The latter video streamer launched at the end of 2019, meanwhile they already have 130 million subscribers. That is even far beyond Disney’s own expectations; they thought they would have between 60 and 90 million paying users after about four years. Netflix is still “king of the streamers” with 222 million subscribers worldwide. But that may change sooner than expected. After all, Netflix has been in business since 2007, and given the recent price increases there, it remains to be seen how many new subscribers will be added. And how many will move towards greener pastures elsewhere. Also, Disney is not yet active in all the countries where Netflix is.

Familiar names of fame

It goes without saying that Disney has some big names on its program. Star Wars is one of them. Plus of course a range of well-known Disney classics. So we wait and see what’s going to happen in the coming months and years!

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