HIFIMAN presents HE-R9 headphones


The HE-R9 from HIFIMAN is an over-ear closed-back headphone, essentially a wired one.

The new HIFIMAN HE-R9 connects to a headphone amplifier ‘traditionally’ with a cable. No hassle with loss due to Bluetooth codecs and such. However: should you still want to move around the house (or at least the room) wirelessly every now and then, the manufacturer has a Bluetooth module available. With the Bluemini R2R dongle you enjoy listening without restrictive cables. The HE-R9 without dongle has a price tag of $599. For the version with the Bluetooth module you pay a set price of $749.


According to the manufacturer, the HE-R9 from HIFIMAN is designed for long listening sessions. Therefore, a lot of attention has been paid to wearing comfort. The headband is equipped with premium memory foam, while real leather is used for the exterior. The headphones also support both 3.5 mm and single-sided balanced cables, so you can use them with all kinds of sources.

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