In-akustik LS-404 Micro-Air speaker cable


The new In-Akustik LS-404 is handmade and can be considered as the equally new flagship of the cable (and much more!) manufacturer.

According to the manufacturer, the special construction of the In-Akustik LS-404 speaker cable should ensure that as little loss as possible occurs. The Micro-Air technology is used for this purpose. This not only leads to a particularly eye-catching finish! According to In-Akustik, it ensures a lively reproduction of music where all the details are retained. The cable is available in various finishes. Or better: provided with various plugs of your choice. Furthermore, you can choose from Single Wire or Single/Bi-Wire. Prices run from €850 for a 2×3 meter Easy-Plug to €1100 for a 2×3 meter with spades. Available per direct.

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