Kanye West latest exclusive for Stem Player

Kanye West

Kanye West is tired of the revenue model of streaming services – from which, according to him, he makes far too little as an artist. And so he is going for an alternative route.

Kanye West – a rapper – has had enough of the big streaming services. And so he is releasing his latest album on his own. The only downside to this is that in order to hear it, you are required to also purchase his Stem Player. Which costs $200 dollars. The player itself looks rather spartan, and seems to have escaped from the 1980s. Nevertheless, this is a lossless player, which supports 4 tracks. You can isolate parts of a track, adjust the speed and more niceties. There is no display: you have to make do with some lights and a button. Furthermore, 8GB storage is provided, which is on the tight side for lossless audio. You connect headphones to it, or listen through an internal speaker. Provided it’s worth all the effort to you.

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