KEF presents new Blade loudspeaker


KEF unveils the latest ‘Blade’ flagship floorstanding speakers and a new model of the groundbreaking ‘The Reference’ speaker.

‘With pride’ KEF launches the latest models in the Blade (pictured above) and The Reference series. Both speakers demonstrate how innovation and design, with acoustics as an important base, can create the most accurate and realistic sound. KEF is defined ‘by outstanding sound quality and superior audio experience, this is also at the heart of the new Blade and The Reference models’.


Both the latest floorstanding Blade speakers and the new Reference speakers – KEF tells us – are a host of new developments going forward, including the addition of Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). ‘The speakers are handmade by KEF’s master craftsmen (in Maidstone, Kent, UK), so every speaker in the Blade and The Reference series exudes the same sense of pure quality. ‘The design is designed to be acoustically exceptional, attractive to look at and each speaker is carefully developed to KEF’s exceptional standards,’ says the manufacturer.


KEF continues: ‘With a philosophy of innovating in the pursuit of achieving the most accurate and realistic sound, the Blade series represents the perfecting of a groundbreaking concept to surprise music lovers with the ultimate listening experience. The design shows an adventurous sensibility for those who want to make a statement, the speakers stand as proud audio artwork in the interior of any audio and interior design enthusiast. The sculptural design of the Blade is defined by the acoustics. The soft design tapers gracefully from top to bottom, front to back, forming no interruption that could interfere with the clarity of the sound. The crossover design of the Blade speakers has been enhanced to fine tune the signal path for maximum clarity’.

Four bass drivers

‘The Blade’s four robust low frequency drivers are perfectly integrated with the Uni-Q and MAT to produce clean, massively extended, impeccably controlled bass. In line with the purity of the original Blade concept, the decoupling of the voice coil from the diaphragm allows the use of low crossovers, resulting in a purer and silkier bass sound. Highlighting the sophistication of the technology, the speakers are available in a palette of eight finishes. This combines five colors for the cabinet with six colors for the driver’s cone. As if that weren’t enough, enthusiasts can also create their own color scheme for the speaker cabinet by supplying a Pantone of their choice for a truly unique Blade speaker,’ we read further in the press release issued by KEF regarding the newcomers.

The Reference

According to KEF, the Reference series got its name from the reference standard that is used in the laboratory to tune the speakers to half a decibel: ‘This speaker is specially designed for audio lovers who want to experience the luxury of superior sound in the home. An elegant speaker for music lovers with excellent taste’.


According to the manufacturer, The Reference ‘boasts a pure, rich and highly articulate bass. Intelligent engineering and meticulous attention to design details ensure that the bass flows seamlessly into the pure midrange and treble. The Reference’s bass driver also benefits from a massive, vented magnet, a large aluminum voice coil and an exceptionally light and rigid alloy cone. As a result of all these technologies, volume, dynamics and power handling are superior’.


For the composition of The Reference, all cabinets were designed using finite element analysis. Using this analysis, the ideal shape and bracing geometry was determined that minimizes secondary radiation from the sides. ‘Constrained Layer Damping’ is used to convert the minimal vibration that remains into heat. ‘The expertly designed cabinets are finished in a sumptuous high gloss or richly detailed wood veneer to complement the unique front baffle designed to eliminate diffraction-induced aberrations. Five finishes are available, a combination of three edge finishes and five colors for the driver unit,” KEF reveals.

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