Klipsch The Fives in McLaren F1 edition


The Klipsch The Fives active speakers will be available in an SE version, featuring McLaren F1 looks.

They do exist: people who love ‘the better sounding sound’ while both being F1-fan at the same time. Especially for that target group, the new Klipsch McLaren The Fives Formula 1 SE version might be interesting. You will find various design features from the stables of McLaren on it, based on the famous orange base color of the racing team. The SEs are hand-painted matte black. Added are the aforementioned orange accents, the team logo and a Klipsch-McLaren paddock sign. Furthermore, the 25mm titanium tweeters feature the distinctive tractrix horns in orange. The speakers stand on a pad made of rubber inspired by the same material as the tires McLaren uses in F1. The special version of the The Fives are available immediately for around $1823; the regular version of The Fives will cost you $799.

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