Live Stream Event – Analog VS Digital – 27-02-2022 – 10:15 CET

This Sunday is going to be a beautiful day! We will be going live again in the Artone Studio, Haarlem. Now we think that every stream is a party, but this one is really special. We’re going to compare digital and analogue. And to do so, we’ve teamed up with Artone and Tim Knol to make a very special recording: one digital and one lacquer; direct to disc. Comparing Apples with Apples…!

To make a proper comparison, we of course need to put down a ‘big ass’ system. And we have one!

A pair of Vivid Kaya 45, a Mola Mola Makua pre-amp with dac and phono stage (the “Full package”!), the famous Grimm Audio MU-1 streamer and a first: the Halcro Eclipse stereo power amplifier; a special amp, because it actually comes in its own cabinet. We’ll tell you more about it in the stream.

The turntable is going to be a REED Muse 3C turntable with a Ypsilon SUT (Step Up transformer). This turntable is actually not something you lift up the stairs on your own…. It’s heavy stuff. In this set-up there is an Ikeda Kai MC cartridge. It hardly gets any cleaner.

Cabling behind the set is a mix of YETI power cables, Driade Flow speaker cable, and Grimm TPM. We run from a shielded, sturdy Supra socket because heavier filtering gives very variable results. In addition, the Halcro has in fact already its own decoupling.

We have spent the whole day today building and tuning to get everything running smoothly. We must say: this sounds pretty good 🙂 … so watch it!

Check out the Live Stream

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