Philips TV Performance Series 8807


Philips TV is renewing its Performance Series with the introduction of thePhilips 8807 Ambilight TV and the multi-functional B8507 3.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar.

With these introductions Vande 8807 Ambilight TV and the B8507 3.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar, Philips TV continues what it says is its popular “The One” message: ‘the Performance Series products offer the same performance, quality European design and key features of a premium model, but at an ultra-competitive mid-range price. The new Philips 8807 TV and B8507 soundbar will be available from May and June respectively’.

Wide choice of screen sizes

The Philips Performance series is available in a wide range of screen sizes, including an 86″ model – the largest Philips TV to date. ‘Whatever screen size is chosen, excellent picture quality is guaranteed thanks to the combination of Philips 5th generation P5 processing suite with a high-quality, wide color gamut, 120 Hz LCD display. ‘HDR support is extensive and includes HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility,’ the manufacturer said.

Stylish design

The Philips 8807 has a minimalist, stylish design with a super-thin silver border on the sides and top, which provide a more direct connection to the three-sided Ambilight system. ‘With Ambilight, a truly immersive viewing experience is guaranteed, and this is also consistently rated with an exceptionally high customer satisfaction score by Philips Performance Series users. The bottom of the devices with screen sizes from 43″ to 65″ feature a very narrow and elegant silver bezel and a slim, angled center stand. The larger models (77″ and 86″) have silver ‘sticks’ as stands,’ the brand states.


Performance is also excellent for gamers, according to Philips: ‘thanks to HDMI 2.1 capabilities, including: e-ARC, VRR support for 4K from 48Hz to 120Hz at full 48Gbps bandwidth, plus FreeSync Premium compatibility and Auto-Low-Latency mode. Input lag is just 9ms, and a new on-screen gaming bar provides quick access to picture and sound settings via a simplified menu. This allows game settings to be quickly checked or adjusted while gaming. Gamers can also easily enable VRR and AMD FreeSync. Sound quality is very good with two downward-facing speakers and a system output of 20 W’.

Connected sound

The TV is part of the Philips Home Wireless system (powered by DTS Play-fi technology). This enables the creation of a high-quality, app-driven high-resolution audio streaming platform for the entire home, with easy wireless connectivity between compatible TVs, mobile devices, soundbars and speakers located throughout the home.

Dolby Atmos soundbar

While the The One B8507 soundbar offers an easy all-around audio upgrade, the Philips Home Wireless system gives consumers according to the manufacturer ‘the flexibility to choose the product combination that best suits their needs. Additional products can even be added later. The addition of a pair of speakers would add great stereo for music and give movies more impact. Alternatively, a new update for 2022 offers the possibility of using the Philips TV as a dedicated center channel. By adding additional speakers and a wireless subwoofer both in the front and back, consumers can create a full surround sound AV system with impact throughout the room and with deep controlled bass’.

  • The Philips 8807 Ambilight TV will be available in 43″, 50″, 55”, 65″, 75″ and now 86″ from May 2022. Prices will be announced later.
  • The Philips B8507 soundbar will be available from June 2022 for a suggested retail price of €399.99.

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