Sonus Faber Omnia all-in-one

Sonus Faber

All-in-ones are becoming more and more popular, so Sonus Faber is also trying to grab a slice of this market with the new Omnia all-in-one.

Not everyone interested in a complex installation in order to enjoy a decent sound quality. That may be a matter of money (which certainly with the ‘better’ all-in-ones will not really lead to savings …) or simply do not feel like fussing with separate parts. The new Sonus Faber Omnia offers everything the average listener needs in one practical device. Just switch it on and listen; speakers and power amplifier as well as an extensive streamer are also built-in. DLNA, AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, aptX HD Bluetooth as well as Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect are available. So it must be very strange if you can not listen to something.

Seven drivers in total

If you still want to add some sources later, you can. A CD player, record player or TV: it’s all possible. For the latter the HDMI-ARC connection comes in handy. The Sound Faber Omnia has seven drivers in total: two tweeters, two midrange drivers, a long-throw aluminum cone bass driver and double-sided drivers made of cellulose pulp. The whole is driven by an amplifier with a maximum output of in total 490 watts. The Omnia has a price tag of $1999.

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