Atoll Signature streamers now with Roon


Distributor Viertron announces that the Signature streamers of Atoll are now compatible with Roon.

All Signature streamers from Atoll now support the Roon Labs software. Viertron further explains: ‘Should you still have an older streamer with firmware which does not support Roon yet, you can upgrade it now to the latest version, via the Atoll menu. The update is available for the models MS120, ST200 Sig, ST300 Sig and SDA200 Sig’.

14 days free Roon

Added is a nice bonus, so Viertron tells us: ‘Roon Labs will give you 14 days free trial to their software. When you start a new subscription, you will receive the first 30 days for free via this link. That’s a total 45 days of Roon at no cost’.

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