+Audio record player (and more!)


+Audio has released the +Record Player, and that + is there for a reason. It is in fact an all-in one including a record player.

In the 70s and partly 80s of the last century they were quite popular: the all-in-ones. With a tuner, amplifier, cassette deck and record player as standard. This concept was somewhat forgotten when midi sets made their appearance. But if it is up to +Audio, there is quite a market for the all-in-one once again. The brand’s new +Record Player, for example, consists of a record player, amplifier and built-in speakers. Admittedly, the tuner and cassette player are missing. But instead, the device offers other features. Implemented are both a built-in Bluetooth receiver (so streaming radio is an option) and an optical input for connecting external digital sources.

Play and rip

The USB connection functions as both input and output. You can either insert a stick with music files to listen. Or you can rip a piece of vinyl to a digital audio file. There are several variants available of the +Audio +Record Player, both in finish and in terms of tone arm and cartridge. Choose from an aluminum tone arm with Ortofon OM10 cartridge or a carbon tone arm with Ortofon 2M Red. The price of the various models lies between €1799 and €1999.

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