Canton Sound L Smart Sounddeck


The Canton Sound L Smart Sounddeck is a solid foundation (literally) realizing a lot better sound quality from a television.

It should be clear that the “L” is not mentioned in its name Canton Sound L Smart Sounddeck without reason. The device is indeed large, with a length of 90 cm and a depth of 33 cm. The top is fitted with a sturdy glass plate that also supports larger TVs. The drivers are four 100 mm down-firing subwoofers, two 50 mm midrange drivers and two tweeters. In total, this assembly can produce a maximum power of 300 watts.


You can expand the system to a 2.1 or even 5.1 surround system if desired. To do this, you will need to purchase additional speakers as required from Canton’s Smart series. Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround are supported. Setting everything up is done via the display on the front or via OSD (on-screen display, on your television). A Smart remote control is included. The Canton Sound L Smart costs €669

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