Cyrus Pre-XR (and more) now Roon Tested


A firmware update is available for the Cyrus Pre-XR, i7-XR and i9-XR, after updating the trio gets the Roon Tested designation.

Roon is widely used in the audiophile world, as a great way to organize and listen to all music available at home. To make the best use of the system, playback equipment must be able to handle Roon. Whether this is possible, you can find out from the certification it – hopefully – got. The lowest level a device can get is Roon Tested. That means it should be able to handle the management and playback software. Roon Ready is the official ‘certificate’, indicating that there shouldn’t be any obstacles on the road when it comes to compatibility. The Cyrus Pre-XR, i7-XR and i9-XR all get Roon Tested compatibility after updating to the most recent firmware (1.6 and up). In practice, it will most likely all work like clockwork. But Cyrus will undoubtedly continue to “tinker” with the firmware to eventually be able to call it Roon Ready. So keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website, we’d say.

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