Dyson headphones with air filter


Nope, it doesn’t seem to be an April 1 joke, but deadly serious: Dyson is going to release headphones with a built-in air filter.

Back in the early 2020s, Dyson applied for a patent regarding headphones with a built-in air filter. To get to a usable device, however, apparently took quite some time. For the time being it is just too late for the Covid pandemic (although you never know what will happen next winter of course) and according to Dyson it is primarily aimed at air purification. No more trouble from urban air pollution, so to speak. The Zone not only has the air filter, but according to the manufacturer it is also an ANC-capable hi-fi headphone. The date of availability is not yet known, but you can sign up on the Zone’s page for more information. Given the patent application and previous rumors, we’re assuming this really isn’t an April Fool’s joke. If it turns out to be one, it was planned rather clumsily.

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