High End Munich on the calendar again

High End München

It looks like the 2022 edition of the High End Munich will go ahead, in other words: the hi-fi paradise in Germany will open its doors soon!

Good news for audiophiles who dearly missed their beloved hifi-shows and trade fairs in recent years. Very soon they will be able to visit – from May 19 to May 22 to be precise – the well-known High End Munich. There you will once again be able to enjoy all the beautiful products that manufacturers have prepared for you in their stands. During the expo you will undoubtedly also be able to attend lectures and the like, although that part of the program is not yet known at the time of writing. However, if you dare, the doors of the MOC in beautiful Munich will swing wide open for you on the above mentioned dates! Of course the current rules around Covid have to be taken into account.

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