Live Stream Event – Three bookshelves of 1000 Euro per pair

Next Sunday – nice weather or not! – we’re going to test three wonderful bookshelfs: the Sonus Faber Lumina II, the ELAC UBR62 and the Focal Aria 906. We’re not just going to play records…. we’re going to combine them with three amplifiers: the Nuprime IDA8, the Yamaha A-S2200 and the Pass Labs XP-12 with X150.8 (just because we can)!

There is an incredible amount of choice if you are looking for a pair of 1000 Euro speakers (per pair). We almost always recommend going for a pair of monitor speakers (or bookshelf speakers) in that class. To give you an idea of what’s out there, we’ve got three beauties ready for a live comparison. And to give you even more insight, we connect them to three totally different amplifiers:

  • Yamaha A-S2200
  • Nuprime IDA8
  • Pass Labs XP12 with X150.8.

That last one is of course completely idiotic… but we do it anyway: because we can.

Check out the Live Stream

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