The Chord Company power strip

The Chord Company

The Chord Company launches its first-ever power strip in the brand’s history, with the motto “Power distribution done right!

After more than 38 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality cables, England’s The Chord Company is launching its first ever power strip. ‘With the introduction of PowerHAUS power distribution, the brand completes its offering in the field of wall socket to audio component. PowerHAUS is also a perfect complement to the new line of power cables introduced earlier this year,’ according to the manufacturer.

Entirely in-house development

PowerHAUS has been developed entirely in-house by The Chord Company in the UK with – the company writes – ‘a focus on the best possible sound quality. Two models are available: the S6 (Studio) and the flagship, the M6 (Master). The 6-way power blocks are the result of a lengthy development process that started back in 2003’.

No star-grounding

The new power strip is available in both European and UK versions. ‘PowerHAUS gets more than 38 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of signal transmission and benefits from the in-house developed ARAY technology. MainsARAY is a further development of the existing technology, specifically aimed at power distribution. No part that serves in PowerHAUS is compromised, each part serves only its specific purpose. That is, to deliver power to audio components in the best possible way. Noisy power filters, neon LEDs and switches, have been deliberately omitted from the design, all sources for degradation of sound quality. The solid aluminum housing ensures minimal effects of microphonics (small vibrations and oscillations) on the structure. The lengthy development period has revealed that star grounding is best avoided. Instead, 3 insulated busbars have been installed in a shielded setting. These rails run parallel to each other and as far apart as possible, thus avoiding the generation of HF noise. The further shielding of the earth rail ensures an even further improvement in sound quality’, explains The Chord Company’.


The flagship M6, according to The Chord Company, ‘brings users the ultimate in performance and uses three hybrid MainsARAYs mounted in parallel (rather than in series). These are closely related to the GroundArays introduced by the brand in 2021. The S6 uses the M6’s core functionality, however at a lower price point’. In the manufacturer’s words, the PowerHAUS power strip ‘uses selected high quality power cabling with thick cores. The connectors were chosen not only for their reliability but above all for their performance on sound quality. A high-quality 16-amp IEC cable ensures the best power delivery for even the most demanding audio equipment’.

Distributor Benelux: Latham Audio, [email protected]


The Chord Company’s cables and power blocks are available through the dealer network in the Benelux and selected online stores. Demonstration cables are available through your local The Chord Company dealer. Prices and availability: PowerHAUS M6: €2699 incl. VAT PowerHAUS S6: €1349 incl. VAT Both products are from now on directly available from stock. Specifications:

  • 6 Euro outputs
  • Input connector 16 amp Output voltage 16 amp (EU) Voltage: 100-250 V
  • Frequency 50/60Hz

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