Wilson Audio Loke compact subwoofer

Wilson Audio

The new Wilson Audio Loke subwoofer is designed to work seamlessly with the brand’s own TuneTot.

You own a pair of Wilson Audio TuneTot bookshelf speakers (which also fit on a stand, by the way)? And you’re looking for just a little more low? Then there’s the Loke from the same manufacturer. It’s Wilson Audio’s most compact model subwoofer, which is not only suitable for the aforementioned TuneTot but also for other smaller floor-standing speakers from the manufacturer. More specifically, we’re talking about the SabrinaX, Yvette, Sasha DAW and predecessors. Naturally, the Loke is an active specimen, including the most used functions of the in-house developed ActivXO Dual Subwoofer crossover. Available in the standard colors Galaxy Grey, Quartz and Carbon for $8750 and the ‘upgrade’ variants Ivory, Diamond Black and Crimson Satin a $9250. In terms of grille, there is also plenty to choose from: Black, Blanco, Mocha, Slate Grey and Lemans Blue.

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