Yamaha TW-E5B, kind to your ears


Yamaha has released the new TW-E5B in-ears. What makes these special is that, according to the manufacturer, they take care of your ears.

It is of course very tempting to turn up the volume while listening to your favorite music. Especially with headphones and in-ears this can eventually lead to hearing damage (in case of speakers, the neighbors probably function as a safety valve). That’s why their new TW-E5B wireless in-ears take your hearing into account, Yamaha states. This is achieved by using Listening Care technology, among other techniques. The heart of Listening Care is ‘intelligent equalization at any volume’. The driver unit is also positioned in such a way that obstacles to sound waves are avoided as much as possible. A hole in the back of the caps should ensure pressure regulation and a solid bass.


The Yamaha TW-E5B offers 8.5 hours of playtime on a full battery charge; the included charging case allows for a total of 30 hours of plug-free listening. Available from April, at a price of approximately $173.

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