Advance Paris X-A600 stereo power amplifier

Advance Paris

Advance Paris has expanded its range of amplifiers with a new stereo specimen in the form of the X-A600

Advance Paris has always offered a substantial range of pre and power amplifiers. The stereo power amplifier X-A160EVO has been a stronghold in the range for many years. Yet there was a demand for a stereo power amplifier that fills the gap between the mono power amplifiers. Entrance for the X-A600. Within the range, this powerful power amplifier can form a nice combo with the X-P700 or X-P1200 preamplifiers’, so tells importer-distributor Servi-Q about the newcomer.

Clearly an Advance Paris

Advance Paris power amplifiers are characterized by two distinctive features; the blue VU meters and the amplifier’s unique Hi-Bias circuit. The well-known pointer instruments with logarithmic scale display the delivered output power. The meter illumination is switchable and adjustable in three steps of intensities. The output power in Class AB is 200W into 8 Ohms and 300 W into 4 Ohms. Class A can be switched on via a switch on the back (Hi-Bias). The differences of this setting can be small, but sometimes also surprisingly large.

Six separate compartments

By dividing the amplifier into six separate compartments, Advance Paris claims that possible interference from the various circuit boards and power supply is optimally prevented.

Unique configuration speaker connections

The X-A600 features two pairs of speaker terminals that are switchable on the front of the unit. Speaker terminal A has an extra set of terminals for optimal bi-wiring to the speakers. Current retail price € 2.895,-

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