AudioPerfect adds C.E.C. to its product range


The Belgian AudioPerfect has introduced the Japanese brand C.E.C. into its range, according to them the ultimum in the field of CD players.

AudioPerfect let us know that they have included C.E.C. in their product range. Owner Peter Neirinck says he chose with conviction ‘after extensive comparative testing’ to add the belt driven CD players and CD drives from C.E.C.


On the product page of the Belgian company we read: ‘C.E.C. focuses on the most accurate CD reproduction possible. To this end they apply, among other things – and this makes them unique – a belt-driven operation. Yes, like many record players. Both the drive and the laser are belt driven. Their system is patented. The playback is cleaner and truer than the competition. Sometimes only slightly (versus expensive CD players from other brands), sometimes a lot better. C.E.C. has both CD players (with built-in DAC and thus with analog outputs) and CD loops (which thus have a digital output and must be connected to a DAC). There are also some very good DACs in their range‘.

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