Furutech V1 NCF (Ltd. Ed.) power cable


Furutech has brought to market in a very limited edition what they say is a “state of the art” Powercord: The Project V1 NCF.

Furutech’s Project V1 NCF Powercord uses ‘the best technology available to Furutech engineers today: – Powercords made of Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper, with Pure Transmission alpha-OCC conductor,’ according to the manufacturer. Highlights of the cable:

  • Treated with Furutech’s Alpha Super Cryogenic and Demagnetization process (For maximum purity and conductivity)
  • Patented NCF Technology.
  • A specially designed cable jacket of high quality soft attenuating polypropylene and cross woven hard fibers.

Extremely limited edition

The manufacturer would also like to share the reaction of one of their leading Furutech premium dealers to this prestigious cable: “Truly unheard of, an absolutely bizarre sensation! ” (Peacock Audio). Furutech themselves write about this cable: “The Project V1’s design has resulted in a reproduction with extremely refined and high resolution and, due to its very low noise floor, an ultimate soundstage with a very musical midrange and tight, controlled, low that is combined with great dynamics and power.” Importer X-fi has been able to import a number of these limited edition Powercords (40 pieces worldwide) for the Benelux. The V1 NCF is exclusively available from our Premium dealers.

Recommended retail price €7485.

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