Grimm Audio MU1: ‘spectacular update’

Grimm Audio

For the Grimm Audio MU1 an according to the manufacturer “spectacular update” is ready to download. It contains for example even more refinement for up- and downsampling.

According to the manufacturer, one of the highlights of the upcoming update for the Grimm Audio MU1 is a further improvement of the up- and downsampling algorithms. Less rounding noise and that in turn should lead to more reality in textures and precision in the 3D stereo image. Also new is that a web server is now implemented in the MU1. Scan a QR code with your mobile (or use a PC browser) and control all playback functions and preferences from there (image at top). Another special feature of the Grimm Audio MU1 is its surround capability. The three digital outputs play in normal stereo mode in parallel. Switch to surround mode and they become sources for 5 LS1s or DAC channels. Finally, the update brings a mountain of bug fixes and improvements. So get it and install it quickly, we’d say!

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