High End 2022 features Alan Parsons as brand ambassador

High End München

The “brand ambassador” of the High End Munich 2022 is Alan Parsons, of indeed The Alan Parsons Project.

Traditionally, the High End Society manages to grab a familiar face for the annual fair they organize in Munich, Germany. This year it’s Alan Parsons, of the (almost) eponymous band he founded way back in 1975. The songs he made – so the society writes – are meant for eternity. And it must be said: his much-praised work is actually still often played on radio stations and more. By the way, if Parsons sounds familiar to you as an ambassador for High End, that may be correct. He had already been appointed for that job, but Covid caused some troubles and the show was cancelled. So it’s time for a second chance this year! This time the event will take place from 19 to 22 May.

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