Live Stream – Speaker decoupling – Isoacoustics – Primacoustic – Townshend

A crazy – but important – one this time! What is the impact of speaker decoupling? Are those spikes in the speakers just fine, or is there a real gain to be made with a pair of decent decouplers? We are going to test – LIVE – for you three brands of decouplers: Isoacoustics, Townshend and Primacoustic

The stream will be live on April 24, 2022. We will start at 10:30 (CEST), but at 10:15 the band will already be playing. As you have come to expect from us, we will record one track live which we will then use in the stream as a test track. For us, that will remain a nice reference.

We use a pair of ATC SCM40A as speakerset. These speakers have proven themselves before. As a pre-amp we use a Benchmark HPA4 which also has a sub-output. Handy, because we are also going to bring a sub into this story. As a source we use the Metrum Acoustics Ambre roon streamer with the Sonnet Pasithea.

Live Stream speaker decoupling

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