Melco Audio S10 high-end network switch


Melco Audio has launched the S10 network switch, intended for audiophile applications and equipped with a separate power supply.

What is immediately striking about the S10 from Melco Audio: this switch is equipped with a separate power supply unit. And if you were to tear down that power supply, you’d discover that a fully linear PSU has been built into it. Based on a solid toroidal transformer, mounted on isolators made by Japanese TAOC.

100 Mbps and 1 Gbps

The Melco Audio S10 is a heavily modified version of the S100, making it the manufacturer’s new flagship. The aluminum housing – Melco reports – has been improved and should now be stiffer and sturdier than ever. On the back of the actual switch, you’ll find about four 100 Mbps Ethernet ports as well as 4 x 1 Gbps ports. The latter set comes in handy for, say, the Roon Core Processor that generates quite a bit of network traffic. The S10 is not the cheapest one in town: with a price tag of £4999, it’s a device specifically for purists.

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