Meze Audio ADVAR wired in-ears

Meze Audio

Wireless is all fine and dandy, but with these wired ADVAR in-ears from Meze Audio, you avoid all the (compression) dramas of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth was invented for pure convenience. No hassle with cables that get caught or tangled somewhere. But that convenience has a price. First, Bluetooth uses all kinds of compression codecs, some sound better than others but it always remains a compromise. Also, as far as the quality of a DAC in an in-ear, headphones or speaker is concerned, it remains to be seen how good these sound. In short: the true audiophile opts for a wired connection. And for that, the new Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear comes in handy. Equipped with a 10.2 mm driver and a frequency range of 10 Hz to 30 kHz, according to the manufacturer they are intended for everyday listening. And especially for anyone who does not want to make any concessions in matter of sound quality. The name, by the way, stems from Old Romanian – the homeland of Meze Audio – and stands for “talisman” or “amulet”. The Advar costs €699.

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