Record Store Day is about to happen

Record Store Day

This Saturday, April 23, it’s annual Record Store Day again, for the first time since Covid on a single day as usual.

Record Store Day is an annual and worldwide event meant to put the record store in the spotlight. In a time when streaming is predominant, perhaps that’s indeed necessary. Although it is fair to say that the true lover of vinyl and CDs (and even cassettes again these days) knows how to find his way to those stores. Anyway, this Saturday you will enjoy it again. You can score several albums especially released for that day, for example. Or go for the special RSD beer – only in The Netherlands -, whatever you want.

HOBO Hifi with Record Player Day

By the way, it’s not just record stores that are involved in Record Store Day. Dutch HOBO Hifi  for example, announces that they will organize a ‘Record Player Day’ on the 23rd. The latest Thorens turntables will be set up, and demonstrations will be given throughout the day. Convenient of course, because you can immediately play your vinyl scored in the record store. And if desired, immediately purchase a suitable turntable. In short: plenty of musical entertainment to enjoy this Saturday! Check your local record store and see what they organize.

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